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Compare Version Numbers InterviewBit Solution

Problem Statement:

Compare two version numbers version1 and version2.

  • If version1 > version2 return 1,

  • If version1 < version2 return -1,

  • otherwise return 0.

You may assume that the version strings are non-empty and contain only digits and the . character. The character does not represent a decimal point and is used to separate number sequences. For instance, 2.5 is not "two and a half" or "half way to version three", it is the fifth second-level revision of the second first-level revision.

Here is an example of version numbers ordering:

0.1 < 1.1 < 1.2 < 1.13 < 1.13.4

Solution Approach:

The solution is straightforward, separate each number partitioned by "." character.

Then apply the sorting logic described in the problem statement.




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