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Excel Column Title InterviewBit Solution

Problem Description: Given a positive integer A, return its corresponding column title as appear in an Excel sheet. Problem Constraints

1 <= A <= 1000000000

Input Format

First and only argument is integer A.

Output Format

Return a string, the answer to the problem.

Example Input

Input 1:
    A = 1 
Input 2:
    A = 28 

Example Output

Output 1:

Output 2:

Example Explanation

Explanation 1:
    1 -> A 

Explanation 2:
    1 -> A 
    2 -> B 
    3 -> C 
    26 -> Z 
    27 -> AA 
    28 -> AB  


This question is just about the base conversion. Think about what would you have done if instead of excel (base-26) you were given a binary.

Time & Space Complexity:

Time Complexity: O(logN) -> base 26

Space Complexity: O(1)


Code in C++


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