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XOR-ing the Subarrays! - InterviewBit Solution

Problem: XOR-ing the Subarrays!

Problem Description

Given an integer array A of size N. You need to find the value obtained by XOR-ing the contiguous subarrays, followed by XOR-ing the values thus obtained. Determine and return this value. For example, if A = [3, 4, 5] :

Subarray    Operation   Result
3       None            3
4       None            4
5       None            5
3,4   3 XOR 4         7
4,5   4 XOR 5         1
3,4,5    3 XOR 4 XOR 5   2

Problem Constraints

1 <= N <= 105
1 <= A[i] <= 108

Input Format

The first and only argument is an integer array A.

Output Format

Return a single integer denoting the value as described above.

Solution Approach:

Solution in CPP:

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